Justice for Mary and Dan

How you can help

* Obey the law.  Don’t give the police any excuse to chase you.  High-speed chases threaten everyone on the streets.  

* Support the individuals and/or families of those who have been killed or injured in police chases.

* Notify this web site of any and all police chases in your community.  The more information we accumulate the better the fight against all unnecessary police chases.

* Support legislation that will attempt to ban unnecessary police chases including a mandatory imprisonment for any one fleeing the police.

* Support all politicians that will work for the people who are killed or injured as the result of police chases.  If they will not represent the innocent, whom will they represent?

* Throw out immunity!  When there is any question that the police acted improperly let the courts determine the outcome.  When officers are allowed to use their own judgment or discretion it can be flawed.

* Contact your city council, chief of police, judges and politicians all the way to Washington.  Tell them that we have had enough.  Punish the criminals.  Don’t punish the innocent. 

There is something wrong with a system that allows police to kill or cripple innocent bystanders and then claiming immunity just walk away.

There is also something basically wrong with a system where lawyers are reluctant to file a case for the injured when it involves a police officer and judges who are reluctant to prosecute these offenders.  

If these two legal systems neglect the innocent WHERE DO THEY GO?


For Mari and Dan

* The best way to help is to spread the word about this site. Speak out about this injustice.
* Support them as they prepare for an appeal to the verdict of Judge Van de North. 

* Help us bring to the attention of all Minnesotans Mari and Dan want justice. To be heard in a court of law. A trail where people of a jury will hear their case and determine the outcome.

* Bring this to the attention of the media.  This is a story right in our own city.  This is a human-interest story.  A commentary on society.  An issue that can touch every one of us.  An issue that will not go away unless it is addressed.  

* If you so desire include us in your prayers.


St. Anthony,
Saint of Miracles
The Protector of Amputees
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